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Aga saga

DH and I just can't agree about our new cooker. I want an Aga. He's not keen.
Anyone got an aga? Love it or hate it? Don't want to really push the issue and then regret it.

By honeybee on 21.09.12 21:02

Why not have both! Just talking about Aga's with a friend this morning funnily enough. She has an oil Aga and finds the house gets very hot in the summer as she can't turn it off, also v expensive. She said she would buy an electric one now then she could turn it off when she wasn't using it to save money.
She's recently taken an online course so that she can service her own aga to save money too!
When we bought our house, we inherited an aga, unfortunately it's oil burning but we are lucky we have a spare electric oven so we use this one all year round now until it gets really cold then we turn on the Aga for a treat - probably going to be Christmas this year. ;;
By chattyhen on
Have you been to Warmington Mill just outside Oundle? They sell agas and all the aga branded stuff and also lovely fired earth stuff, they have aga demo's often with free tasting?;
By mooboo on
Thanks moo boo. Oundle isnt too far away so might take a drive out and see what the aga specialists have to say. I wonder if there is anywhere that sells reconditioned Agas? It feels a bit less decadent to buy secondhand.;
By honeybee on
Agas are great but a little difficult to control. I now have a gas hob and a regular electric oven and is soo much easier! (all brought about by a marital split and finding a new home);
By martin59119 on
I love love love my aga; apart from all the gorgeous food it can produce, it drys and irons the clothes, warms rising dough and cold children, I spread the newspaper out across the top to read on cold days, there are always dry tea towels, warm wellies, and bottles of warm red wine. The only real problem with it maybe is when you want to actually cook there is always either my husband, or the children, or one of the other animals leaning on it. My brother has a reconditioned one which was a fraction of the price of a new one and it works like a dream. You will not regret it. Promise.;
By secondhelpings on
Oh no! I ordered a modern stainless steel range a few days ago and now I wish I hadn't. I will have a look on t'internet and see how much reconditioned agas are. I'm sure it's not too late to cancel the range. Gas or electric or oil best?;
By honeybee on
I've just moved from a house with a Rayburn and while it was really lovely in our old cottage, I don't really miss it in our new house. I agree with all the added bonuses of a place to lean, warming the wine, proving bread, making flatbreads on the hot plate, I actually do think that you really need to have an additional hob and oven to avoid a steamy hot kitchen on sunny days and I think my current, good fan oven cooks better than the Rayburn ever did. The Rayburn was lovely and did have the additional bonus of being able to switch it on and off whenever you need to AND it ran the central heating too. But I'm not sure I'd put one in again in the future.;
By misskitty360 on
Our first home as a married couple had a wonderful red aga that we affectionately called Ruby. She was so warm and welcoming. Our visitors never left the kitchen. I remember having to call a neighbour once to check the oven whilst I was at work because i had left sausages in there. She called back to say the oven was empty! I thought I must be going mad. When I got home I searched the oven and eventually found three tiny pieces of charcoal. I loved my aga even more after that knowing she wouldn't allow me to burn the house down. ;
By muddypaws on
I love my Aga - we inherited it with our house and I wouldn't be without it. Neither would the animals! Great at this time of year for drying and preserving. We love it so much we've designed and make our own airers to help dry clothes and cut down on tumble dryer costs.;
By birchandhare on

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