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Electric ranges?

Hi ladies. We have recently moved and so are currently researching cookers; deciding upon an all electric range to avoid the cost of oil and having no gas but allowing for a more country feel kitchen, I was wondering if any of you had any experience of makes that you would recommend and/or avoid? Any advice greatly welcome, thanks!!

By HK on 10.01.14 19:05

I've had two oil Agas and whilst they're pricy to run it totally depend on what you're wanting it for. Yes it's an expensive oven if only used for cooking but can also be used instead of a kettle, toaster, tumble drier and is a great house warmer! To get a good idea of running cost comparisons look on the Twyfords Aga website. There is also the potential problem of the new Russian imported oil not having the correct amount of lead in it to keep Agas running smoothly so you need to put a product in the tank each time you fill it which can be quite pricey. We have just bought a secondand Esse (gas) but the electric ones look pretty good too.;
By Tinselbug on

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