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Join our Book Club here for our first book - Sue Townsend's, 'The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year'

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By the henhouse on 10.01.13 15:21

Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying this book. I had a laugh out loud moment whilst reading it in a room full of strangers the other day and couldn't stop giggling for ages. Slightly embarassing. I'm carrying it in my handbag so I can whip it out if I get a few spare minutes. ;
By happy cow on
Just wanted to say think the book club is a great idea and looking forward to the discussions. I've downloaded the book onto my daughters Kindle!;
By Rachel B on
I like the idea of a book club, and so I have just purchased the book (a little late I know). I will be commenting on this in a couple of days when I have read a chapter or two. I am waiting in anticipation to hear other peoples thoughts about the book. I have never actually been a member of a book club so I am assuming we read so much of the book and write about what we think about the book. Does this include things like the actual style of writing throughout; my thoughts on the storyline and whether we like it or not. Is there any other aspects I should be considering?;
By Lucky Duck on
Really enjoying reading the book so far! ;
By chattyhen on
Loved reading this book - would never have picked it up or known about it if it wasn't for Rural Mums!It made me laugh and I really enjoyed reading a book that has a local setting.....although Leicester will be mentioned a lot more in the press now that Richard III has been confirmed as a resident! Love the book club idea!;
By SebandLucsMum on
Thank's so much for your great feedback!;
By the henhouse on
Glad that a date has been set for discussing the Sue Townsend book. Think I will have to skim through it again to refresh my memory! Seem to forget everything these days....;
By happy cow on

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