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I love the smell of the country side after it has rained. Problem is the rain just keeps on coming!!!!

By Lucky Duck on 02.07.12 19:00

The smell of the log fire we had yesterday evening was lovely too!;
By secondhelpings on
My dd had great fun dancing around in the rain during her PE lesson yesterday. Her PE kit didn't smell too good when she got home though. ;
By muddypaws on
I love the rain but I think I've seen enough of it for a week or two!!!;
By cwine on
It's raining again! - but I quite like it - I can hear it on the sloping roof above my head and actually it's quite nice. It is however, nearly midnight and so soon I will be tucked up in bed and then it can rain all it likes i won't know or care. Tomorrow however when I'm at work and trying to manage a roomful of active 3 and 4 year olds who don't want to go outside I may well think again! Actually, that brings to mind the question of wellies - how could I get my hands on a large number of spare pairs of wellies? It is a perennial problem in our nursery - any suggestions ;
By beta on
It would be a good idea to have welly recycle bins with the wellies being distributed to nurseries, outward bounds centres etc. what do you think?;
By happy cow on
We recycle things like Welles through our family there is always a niece or nephew a couple of years younger, it's really funny seeing a previous favourite pair of wellies, shoes, dress or toy being enjoyed by a younger family member. I really like the idea of a welly recycling bin. Why not try just putting one by the entrance and see if you get a response? ;
By cwine on

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