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Rain, rain go away!

Why is our summer so bad and why is there so much rain? it's so cold today I have had to turn the central heating on!

By chattyhen on 02.07.12 17:11

I know - makes me think about logs - as in have we got any.;
By beta on
I can't believe how much it has rained here this week. Woke to another downpour this morning. I'm off to the shops to buy vitamin D supplements today - don't want the children to get rickets.;
By happy cow on
I know I keep worrying about that - we rely on our summers in Britain to top up on our vitimin D - my DD is very tired in the morning and keeps saying she wants to go somewhere sunny on holiday - we've booked to go to Ireland!!- now thinking we should have got a last minute cheap deal with a pool anywhere in the sun.;
By chattyhen on

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