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Is your heating on yet?

I put mine on today - just to check the boiler was working and to bleed the radiators. Mmmmmmmm it was lovely and cosy! But I'm not putting it back on until at least November!

By misskitty360 on 16.10.13 21:50

Hi Misskitty, we turned the Aga on in the cold spell, but it feels to warm in the house now as the weather has turned mild again! Wondering weather to turn off and save oil! Heating bills are sooo expensive I don't know what we're going to do this winter if it's as bad as last winter - better start knitting and gathering wood for the fires!;
By chattyhen on
Mine is now well and truly on - but trying to be clever with the timing! On for an hour at school home time, then stove on and then heating back on at bedtime for another hour to heat our chilly bedrooms. What were your thoughts on the recommended temperatures for bedrooms and living room?;
By misskitty360 on

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