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Snow - are you having any?

Tell us what its like where you are and share with other rural mums

By the henhouse on 13.01.13 20:36

Having loads of snow here in Leicestershire its about 4cm at the moment;
By chattyhen on
None today here near Edinburgh but it's f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g! Snow forecast for the weekend though....;
By misskitty360 on
Its snowed gently most of the day today here in North wales, leaving a soft white blanket on the ground. It looks lovely. Tomorrow however Wales is expected to have a great deal of snow, starting over night. I shan't be going out unless its to make a snowman. I will just stay nice and wartm and cosy indoors.;
By Lucky Duck on
Lots of snow here in Rutland about 12cm deep - so pretty but treacherous on the roads so take lots and lots of care! It's taken a friend over an hour to reach her little boy in nursery a journey which normally takes 20mins! The country lanes are very dangerous, be careful! ;
By Rachel B on
Lots of lovely snow here in the east mids. It took almost three hours to get home from work last night & had to abandon the car in Uppingham and walk the last mile home. Didn't mind though. Outdoors, peaceful, beautiful or indoors with three tired children - no contest!!!;
By happy cow on
No more snow in Leics today, hopefully more will come tonight :D
By heidielizabeth on
Snowing lightly here in the midlands at the moment;
By chattyhen on
fingers crossed for more snow overnight and a day off work tomorrow x;
By honeybee on
Not much more snow this morning but the roads are lethal!;
By heidielizabeth on
We're snowed in and the children haven't gone to school - Having fun in the snow - enjoy!!;
By chattyhen on
Probably best to not go out on the roads unless you really have to it's not worth it.;
By chattyhen on
We had 2 inches of snow on Wednesday and when I got up on Thursday it had all disappeared. I do love the scenery that snow gives us, however I am quite a nervous driver in bad weather so I don't go out unless absolutely necessary. I am now looking forward to the summer. If I remember correctly last year March and April were lovely - sunshine and warmth. I am hoping the same will happen this year!!!;
By Lucky Duck on

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