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Inspire them to eat veg!

It’s a constant uphill battle to get my two testosterone raging boys to eat anything that is remotely vegetable like! But today I think I’ve cracked it, I’ve found purple carrots! It would appear that anything out of the norm appeals. Not only did it create a massive meal time talking point it actually got them eating veg. You can buy these amazing finds in Waitrose a bit pricey but well worth it. They taste fab, look fab and have stimulated the need to find even more interesting veg….what’s next rude shaped potatoes?!!!!!

By suits to wellyboots on 18.10.12 22:47

I wonder how you get purple carrots? Are they GM? Good way to get children interested in veg. Pink sprouts before Christmas please Waitrose!
There is a brilliant Charlie and Lola book called I Will Not Never Ever Eat a Tomato in which Charlie gets Lola to eat her veg by calling them cool names such as moonsquirters. Such a simple idea but I've used it with my own children and it's worked.;
By happy cow on

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