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What are we eating!!!!!

I can just not believe what I am hearing on the news about what is in the food on shelves and in fast food outlets. To be honest,
how much confidence can we have in eating out at all? To me it is not so much that the meat is horse, although personally I would never eat horse, but it has to be a fundamental right to know what it is you ARE eating!

By cwine on 08.02.13 22:22

I totally agree! We as consumers put our trust in food manufactures and accept without any doubt, we are eating what it says on the label. It is shocking to think we don't really know for certain where the ingredients for that product have originated. What about baby food? The thing that really worried me was the possibility of drugs given to horses entering our food - chain how might these drugs effect babies and children? ;
By chattyhen on
I absolutely agree with you both and what about school dinners? I insist my children have, what I thought was, a hot healthy meal in the middle of the day. Starting to wonder if I'm making the right decision.;
By honeybee on
We have been conned. But then aren't we wary of ready made meals? The horse meat is probably the best ingredient in there (although it should have been beef!) We had some community pigs in our village a few years ago - we took up scraps, they rooted around and then when they were big enough we were all able to buy the pork. It did make us think about their lives and welfare, and to value what they gave us. I have also been thinking about the welfare of these poor horses and ponies when they were alive ...
By redcurrant on
If ever there was a good reason for buying locally reared meat at your local butchers this has got to be it.;
By happy cow on
Too right happy cow. It also makes you wonder whether it is a good idea to buy ready made meals. I must admit I rarely do but you can understand busy parents who work full time and have a family to look after. I am also wary about all processed foods.;
By Lucky Duck on
Support your local growers and butchers, then at least you know what your eating.;
By chattyhen on
My Dad is a farmer. We know how much we get paid for our stock, we know how much meat there is on each carcase, but we could never work out how it could cost so little especially when included as an ingredient in a pre-prepared meal. Now we have a better idea. I wonder what else is in there? ;
By Alison22 on

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