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Farmhouse Breakfast Week

Next week is Farmhouse Breakfast Week. Is anybody else taking up the challenge to eat a healthy breakfast every morning?

By Annie on 17.01.13 14:16

I eat a healthy breakfast every morning, I have porridge.A big cooked breakfast has never appealed to me The only time I have a full English breakfast (cooked) is when I am on holiday, I then really enjoy it, maybe its because its been cooked for me!;
By Lucky Duck on
Good to know it's Farmhouse Breakfast Week coz we've had cooked breakfast's for the past few days to warm us all up and the kids have loved them. So I'm planning to make pancakes tomorrow morning. Any suggestions for fillings?;
By happy cow on
We love to pop some frozen blackberries on the pancakes while they are cooking. They make the pancakes pink and juicy and are really delicious with fresh greek yoghurt.;
By chattyhen on

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