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Hello to the REAL British breakfast and goodbye and good riddance to the sugary cereal

It’s fair to say I’ve succumbed to the kids demand for cereals for far too long. Their convenience has given me those special extra minutes to lie in while the boys hungrily ‘see to themselves’. Now enough is enough! Have you seen the nutritional content???? I was enlightened about their general lack of goodness by my friend (after our third bottle of wine I might add). So with a heavy heart and a banging hang-over, I decided enough was enough. The Cookie Crisps, Chocolate Kraves and Chocolate Wheetos made their premature way to the recycling bin.
So on Monday morning much to the protest of my ‘sugar craving boys’ I got up really early and really grumpily and made them scrambled egg on toast with a delightful little side dish of strawberries, they loved it. How good a mother am I? Ask me again in two weeks!!
Just wanted to share this, thanks!

By countrygirl on 21.06.12 20:25

Well done you! I tend to have splurges of "good mothering" and make healthy breakfasts for a while but then it just starts to slide a bit and before I know it I'm putting Sugar Puffs in my shopping trolley. Wish someone could come up with healthy but really convenient brekkie foods.;
My children make pancakes for breakfast on the Aga at the weekend sometimes. If we've been blackberry picking or have some in the freezer, they sprinkle a few on (you can do this while the pancakes are cooking). They love to eat them with yoghurt and honey. A lovely weekend treat away from the cereal cupboard!;
By chattyhen on
Yes we had pancakes sprinkled with blackberries for breakfast last weekend & the children helped to make them. Apart from the inevitable mess it was good fun and a great breakfast;
By honeybee on
We found this lovely recipe for Breakfast Cookies and we thought we would share it with you, it's easy to make and a healthy alternative to cereals ( similar to the ones you can buy in Costa or Starbucks) - Let us know what you think and if you have any great breakfast recipes to share.;
By the henhouse on
I came downstairs last weekend to find my daughter at the kitchen table designing her own cereal - she'd chopped dried apples and cherries, used oats as a base added various ready made cereals and a sprinkle of sugar. Tasted disgusting! She was a happy bunny though :);
By mooboo on
How very creative of her. A budding cook no doubt and a healthy one at that. Impressive.;
By muddypaws on
How about some healthy swaps! There has been lots in the media about how much sugar there is in the food we buy from the supermarket - does anyone have any healthy swaps to brands which have less sugar in them? ;
By chattyhen on

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