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Lucky Duck Loving Rural Mums

I love rural mum. There is much going on there I get so caught up in it I lose track of the time. I do so look forward to the chats as well, its good to see what other people think about certain issues and just nice to have a good old chat. i am now looking forward to those wintery days because it will mean I can just spend time on rural mums with a nice cup of tea in front of the fire. Great!!!

By Lucky Duck on 31.10.12 13:55

I agree - it's lovely! Just checking in after a stressful early evening (dog spooked by fireworks and legged it - just found after 2 hours searching in the dark - phew!). So it's nice to chill out with a ruralmums fix!;
By misskitty360 on
Welcome Lucky duck, you are brave starting a new thread I just read other peoples and post (occasionally);
By gardengirl on

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