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Something's eating my petunias!

I bought four trays of petunias and planted them in pots on the patio but after the first night one of the plants had almost entirely disappeared. Since then lots of new shoots have been eaten. I suspect slugs and snails but there are no slime trails near the pots. Could it be a mouse or squirrel or an insect of some sort? at this rate my pots will be empty by next week

By happy cow on 30.06.12 18:08

It could be squirrels.;
By muddypaws on
I'd suggest squirrels. I don't know if they particularly like petunias but as they seem to eat everything the kids plant I'd bet it's them. Grrr.;
By wellyweather on
No No! it was on telly this morning could be Spanish slugs!! I kid you not. Apparently they are particularly partial to petunias although what you do about it I don't know - chickens would help but they are probably partial to petunias too. The only option according to Hugh F-W is to wear a headlamp and sneak up on the little blighters at night.;
By beta on
Seriously? what are you supposed to do when you've sneaked up on them? think this might be a job for rural dad!;
By happy cow on

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