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Garden recycling - looking for ideas

Hi everyone, I work for an Eco charity and am working on community gardening projects using derelict land. I'm planning a demo site showing ideas of how you can recycle objects to make planters, get plants cheap or for free and I wondered if you have any ideas you would be happy to share? I've seen things like drainpipes for seedlings, loo rolls for pea seedlings - would love to hear any ideas or see pics if you have them. The idea is to get people interested in growing their own for as little cost as possible. Thanks for reading!

By misskitty360 on 11.07.13 21:15

...should of course have said - I would be very happy to credit the Ruralmums site for inspiration :);
By misskitty360 on
This summer I've tucked a few envelopes in my handbag so that when I'm out and about I can collect seeds from wildflowers to keep for planting next spring.
By happy cow on

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