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By the henhouse on 21.05.13 00:09

Great idea! New raised beds built last weekend and filled with pumpkins, squash, courgettes, peas, cavolo nero and artichokes. I'm also trying Oca for the first time - thought I'd give something unusual a go, but don't know whether it'll be too cold up here in Scotland.;
By misskitty360 on
Is it too late to plant a vegetable patch for this summer and if not what would grow well if planted in the next few weeks?;
By happy cow on
We planted some salad seeds a couple of weeks ago and which are growing fast - they should be ready in two weeks to pick and eat! It's still not too late to plant rocket, spinach and salad leaves like those you find in bags in the supermarket, they are a great addition to any summer salad and its so satisfying walking to the veg patch at the bottom of the garden and picking them fresh! Take a look at my profile page - I put some picks up of our seed bed. ;
By chattyhen on

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