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BBC Bristol programme idea - looking for a family thinking of starting a new life in the country!

My name is Eve and I work in the programme development team in BBC Bristol. We're looking at a new daytime programme idea featuring Paul Martin (antiques expert who presents the BBC1 show 'Flog It!' - but also happens to be a smallholder) whereby families thinking of leaving behind the urban life for a new one in the countryside try their hand at smallholding challenges at Paul's home.

It might be that you and your family have always dreamt of giving everything up to move to your own piece of land in the countryside, or that you've climbed the career ladder for long enough and want the chance to become self-sufficient, or that being a smallholder has always been pushed aside in the face of the reality of day-to-day lives.

We are looking to film what's known as a taster tape - a short preview film to give a flavour of how the programme might look and feel - with Paul and a family who are considering this change of lifestyle in around two weeks time. This is not for broadcast but will serve as a preview for our BBC commissioners – if they like what they see then potentially they will say yes to a brand new series for BBC1. This will involve a bit of filming with you to find out more about why you'd like to leave the rat race and move to the country, and some hands-on practical smallholding challenges at Paul's farm in the south west.

We're looking to film on the 21st September, so you'd need to be available then.

If you think you and your family might be up for the challenge, or have somebody in mind who you would recommend, please get in touch via my email address and I will respond as promptly as possible.

Thanks for reading!

By evewhite84 on 07.09.15 17:06

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