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About Us

Thanks for visiting us. We are independent. Just two rural mums, supported by a fantastic group of mum and dad contributors, who are passionate about the countryside and making mum's lives easier. We want to be a friendly, inspiring community for country-minded mums to share their interests, hopes, concerns and chocolate cake recipes.

The story so far....

Two mums arrived in rural Rutland, in the Noughties, when their children were still little peeps. One from the big city life in London. The other from a tiny country hamlet in Cheshire. 

They met through mutual friends on a girls weekend away and chatted about everything from which local butchers was best to what their children might be viewing on the internet. It felt so good to connect and share the detail of their lives with women treading a similar path. For a few days they were absorbed in a friendly, inspiring and fun loving community. Back home they happily resumed family life but missed the immediacy of connection and support they had enjoyed whilst part of a close-knit community of like-minded mums.  

And so the seed for ruralmums was sown.

Our community, whilst open to all parents, is intended for mothers who live in the countryside whether it be a rural town, village, hamlet or single dwelling. It is also for mums whose hearts lie in the country even if their bodies don't.