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Anna's Story



The effervescent and glamorous Anna Patrick let us into her home and in on her secrets for building a successful business whilst raising a family and helping run a working farm. She is one busy lady.

Anna founded the Anna Patrick knitwear company, after struggling to find quality, handknitted jumpers for her young children to wear. Exasperated by the poorly made, synthetic jumpers available from many retailers she turned to her mother for the original knitting patterns used to make clothes for her as a young child. Anna earnestly began knitting cosy woollen jumpers for her children and from this tiny seed her business has flourished. Several local ladies now knit to Anna’s traditional patterns and her knits can be found at her online shop and at various country fairs throughout the year.

Her collection is delightful. Vintage inspired with a modern vibe. The designs and colours evoke the innocence, simplicity and naturalness of a bygone era whilst her collection includes fashionable of-the-moment pieces such as fingerless gloves, long stripey socks, berets and headbands.

Like many entrepreneurs Anna credits her success to several inspiring figures. Her mother,being one, and her close friend Mandy, the founder of Adventino, who Anna claims “always makes you feel it is all possible. She always encourages and tells you it’s all fabulous”

Living in the rural Lincolnshire countryside has helped too. The freedom and beauty of the environment provides plenty of headroom and inspiration for her designs. Close community ties mean she has a loyal and trustworthy workforce and you don’t have to look further than her boys – two sheep playing in the garden – to see why she feels drawn to natural materials. Rural life is not without its challenges though. A short working day due to being mum before and after school, the need for a car to get anywhere and the frequent interruptions as visitors pop in to say hello are a small price to pay for the rich quality of life she enjoys.

For Anna the key to happiness in her work has been finding something she absolutely loves doing but is manageable and can fit around family life.  Having an online shop means she can work from home and be around for her family much more than if she had a traditional 9 til 5 job. As long as she has her laptop and phone she can keep in touch with the outside world and make her business viable.

Finally we asked Anna what she believes to be the secret of success “believing in what you want to do, being confident and going with your instinct”. Wise words indeed.

To see more of Anna’s fantastic knitwear visit her online shop here

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How refreshing! They look lovely and knitwear from there will make a nice Christmas present.;
By Lucky Duck on
I want one!
By Emma on

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