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Morag's story

Morag's story

We would like to introduce Morag, a keen business mum and our ruralmums career adviser. She will be writing a regular column to help mums get back to work or change career paths.

This is her career story. . .

Like many little girls I always wanted to be a nurse when I grew up.  I had the obligatory stethoscope and the upside down watch.  But then work experience at my local hospital made me realise that the medical profession was not for me. 

I concentrated on what I was good at.

I had big ambitions when I left university with a Business degree and I spent the next 15 years working my way up the career ladder.

Then I got married.

I had children.

And everything changed.

During this time we had moved to a small village in Rutland close to where my husband’s family have a farm.  I come from a small village in North Yorkshire, so village life wasn’t new to me and I pretty much knew what to expect.  We’d always said that once we had a family we would move back to the country and try and give our children the type of upbringing that we had enjoyed.  Good community spirit, outdoor life and balanced outlook.

After having two children 2 years apart, I’d had 4 years away from work.  I never intended to go back until our second child, Emily was at school.  But I knew that the time had come when I had to do something for myself and engage my brain again.

I’d always thought that to get a job in my chosen career of Data Analysis I would have to do a significant commute and the thought terrified me.  How would I cope with the job, the children, the house?  I like logistics but I just couldn’t see how it could work. 

I updated my CV and started to do my research. 

After considering a number of options I decided to investigate retraining as a Maths teacher.  I thought it was a good way of using my skills and overcoming some of the challenges of juggling a family.

I contacted a local recruitment consultant specialising in Teacher Recruitment and it just so happened they had a part-time Data Analyst job available ten minutes away from my house.

Now I know I was lucky.  But there are lots of rural firms who are crying out for people with professional experience.  I also moved from a large firm to a small organisation and I have found this change really rewarding.  I can make a real difference and although we have a business focus, the culture is less corporate.

In May 2011 I started in my job and I have never looked back.  I would go so far to say I just love it.  They think it’s great to have someone with a varied commercial background and I think it’s great that I can work part-time in a career that I have invested so much in.  It really is win, win.

Now that I have my confidence back I’m even thinking of starting up my own business - helping people get back into work.  Watch this space!


Top five tips for going back to work

  • Know when you’re ready to go back to work – don’t be stay at home mum just because you think you should
  • Be confident – remember what you achieved before you had children and all you have accomplished since.  Have faith you can do it
  • Mange your expectations – a job where late nights and weekend work are expected may not be for you.  Be realistic in the type of role you can do
  • Work life balance – make time for yourself, your relationship and your children. A job should really be a means to an end
  • Take the leap – what’s the worst that can happen? You may even enjoy it!


Do you juggle work, family and home?

Are you a working mum in full or part time employment?

Do you work from home or run your own business?

We'd love to hear from you, email us at and we may feature your story

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