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Marketing consultant

Marketing consultant

Jules lives in a sleepy village in the Vale of Belvoir with her husband, two boys, cat, hamster and fish!
She works as a Marketing Consultant for the food and drink industry helping brands and private label suppliers to develop new and innovative profit streams.  Alongside her career she's a gardener, decorator, cleaner, cook, laundry maid and taxi driver

Who or what inspired you to set up as a freelance consultant?

An ex colleague whose wife took the plunge. He gave me lots of confidence and even gave me my first project.

I took voluntary redundancy from Northern Foods and within 48 hours received a call to ask if I would go back as a marketing consultant. I absolutely couldn’t believe my luck.

What are the advantages of being based in a rural area?

It feeds innovative thinking and creativity,  you can always put on your boots and go for a walk if you need inspiration

What are the main challenges of working in the countryside?

Distance from civilisation and pre planning the food shop!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Wake up, check emails with a cup of tea in bed

Empty the tumble dryer (set to go off during the night to achieve maximum energy savings)

Shower and get dressed

Rally up the boys; negotiate their breakfast, showers, dressing etc

Scrunch the hair so that it looks slightly decent

Find the boys shoes, usually under beds, under the sofa or in the garden

Spend 6 minutes repeatedly asking them to clean their teeth

Race to the car whilst applying gloss 

Drive to school practically hyperventilating with the sounds of Dizzy Rascal ringing in my ears!

Drop and go, returning in complete silence to tackle my ‘relatively easier’ working day

Usual working hours take place in front of my laptop, in London, in supermarkets, farm shops, delis etc. I spend hours observing consumer and retailing behaviour

I aim to cram in as much as I can before the 3.25pm school pick up when all hell breaks loose again

I admit to working whilst cooking tea, loading the dishwasher and washing machine but try to take a break to at least ask the boys if they’ve had a good day!

6pm-9pm is proper family time, homework, meal, baths, chats and hugs

9-11pm I begin work again or spend some quality time with my wonderful but snoring husband on the sofa!

How do you manage to juggle the demands of a career whilst raising a family?

Most times it’s a miracle. Days start early and you’re already sick of the sound of your own voice by 8am. It’s about squeezing every possible second out of every hour and doing that little bit extra to make the next day less frantic. 

Wine and chocolate help!

What is the secret of your success?

Juggling with a smile and lighting up a room. I like to make the mundane and boring interesting

Being mega organised also helps but remembering to down tools and sod the washing once in a while is important too.

Who or what can’t you work without?

The internet! I’d be lost without it oh and my iPhone. How sad.

Would you consider moving to a more urban area in the future?

Absolutely no way, you can never go back.

What advice would you give to other rural mums thinking of moving into your line of work?

Do it, take the jump. Nothing ventured nothing gained and us women have an amazing ability to achieve just about anything!


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