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The Perfect Picnic

The Perfect Picnic  

 For a perfect country picnic keep it simple. Eat healthy local or home-grown fresh produce. Take a woollen or cotton rug to sit on and add charming finishing touches to create lovely memories for you and your children to cherish.

Make it a real occasion by laying out pretty gingham or floral table linen over the rug. Children can eat with fingers but for a more grown up experience use stylish cutlery.




Take a jam jar and fill with wildflowers collected along the way. Children can have great fun and learn a little about the flora and fauna around them as they pick pretty blooms peeking above the grass in woodlands and fields.

Transporting a picnic can be an onerous task for us mums so pack light and insist that everyone helps to get the picnic to the perfect spot in one piece. Give little ones a wicker bag to carry between them or a single item of food such as a watermelon.



No country picnic is complete without a hearty pork pie. It can take years to make a perfect pork pie but if you’re a seasoned cook or like a challenge why not try making our very own pork pie recipe click here. If buying a pork pie select one from your local butchers or farmers market. Look out for speciality pies such as Hambleton Bakery’s black pudding and pork pie. Delicious.


Take local cheese which isn’t too soft so it doesn’t melt.

Add tomatoes from your own garden sliced or select locally grown tomatoes from a farm shop or supermarket. We chose unusual but lovely looking tomatoes from Lancashire, very sweet and fragrant too.

Radishes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but no self- respecting traditional picnic would be without a radish or two. Smear the radishes with a knob of unsalted butter then dip into a small container of salt.

Don’t forget sliced cucumber.

Take plenty of freshly baked bread – baguettes work well for picnics.

For pudding simply make your own baby meringues or buy from supermarkets. Dip these and fresh local strawberries into whipped cream. Scrumptious! Other seasonal fruits can be added too.



Homemade elderflower cordial with slices of cucumber or homemade lemonade make refreshing drinks on a sunny day. Otherwise buy cordials from local shops. Drink from colourful tumblers which are lightweight and won’t break or carefully pack vintage china cups and saucers to drink from. The children will love this old fashioned tea party feel.

 If you are going on a country ramble and plan to stop for lunch food can be taken in backpacks with each child having their own little pack up. Rucksacks can serve as seats for little bottoms. Just spread a pretty tablecloth on the ground to transform it into a picnic.



Please remember the countryside code. Take any litter home with you. Don’t allow dogs to worry sheep and respect farmer’s livelihoods by not straying from public footpaths as you walk through crop fields.

What are your top tips for a perfect picnic?

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