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A Winter Warmer Dinner Party


Ok it has to be said I absolutely hate this time of the year.

It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s miserable and everyone seems to go into white faced, snotty nosed hibernation!

Well not this January. I’ve decided to fight back and have some fun. I got a date in the diary and I’m getting all my friends together.

I’m having a Winter Warmer Dinner Party!

Everyone is to come in their favourite jumper and woolly hat!  


The menu includes easy to do recipes (all done the day before)

Broccoli and Stilton Soup 

Beef Stew and Yorkshire puddings. Roasts, Leeks and peas

Delia’s very best Chocolate Bread and Butter Pudding (the hubby made this)

Cheese (everyone bringing something) with a fab Winter Warmer port, bought from Demijohn, The Liquid Deli in York, they even wrote on the bottle for me.


I’ve created a Winter Warmer Game I’m a lover of providing something to talk about so I’ve created a winter warmer game. Last week I secretly went round my friends gardens taking winter pictures. 

Everything from serene scenes of bird baths to an old cluster of dogs business! (The neighbour saw me taking this one and god did that take some explaining!). I then converted them to black and white and cropped them and basically play a ‘who’s garden and winter scene is this’ (said in Lloyd Grossman style voice). Winner gets a matching hat and glove set!



Everyone will get a silly winter warmer gift from the £1 shop, I’ve tied the name setting to it! 


Oh I forgot to mention I’ve invited a celebrity…… Finally the good news is that it’s dead easy, I’ve hired all the crockery and wait for it, to be returned unwashed!!!

The night was a great success - we had a very winter warming time! Although I’m not sure Gary would agree…..


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