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Seasonal food

Each month we showcase seasonal fruit or veg and bring you traditional foods made to celebrate festivals and special days throughout the year

Elderflower Cordial

An Easy Recipe for Elderflower Cordial

Making elderflower cordial is easy, satisfying and a delicious refreshing drink on a sunny day!


Medlars - Medieval Curiosity

Try this old fashioned fruit found in Olde English gardens in late November



September sees the hedgerows laden with juicy blackberries so click the image to find out what to do with this versatile little fruit

sweet chestnuts

Sweet Chestnuts

Native to warmer climes, if you spot sweet chustnuts they are definitely worth trying to harvest before the squirrels do!

red tractor food

Red Tractor Food

Want a giggle and find out more about Red Tractor Week? Come and take a look at these hilarious videos

laura's christmas blog

Planning for Christmas - Get Ahead Special

A Christmas food fanatic will be sharing her tried and tested recipes in the coming weeks as we count down to Christmas

christmas cake

Winter Wonderland Christmas Cake

Bake a splendid Christmas cake for the festive season. Follow our step by step guide here