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Crab Apple Jelly



Muslin bag/strainer

Jam jars & lids


Crab apples

Jam sugar (1kg sugar to 1kg juice)

1 lemon

Water as required


Collect as many crab apples, domestic or wild as takes your fancy and place in a jam pan or large saucepan. Simply add enough water to barely cover the fruit. No peeling or boring coring is necessary. Bring to the boil and simmer until the fruit is soft and pulpy.


Using a muslin bag and stand (I used to use an upturned stool) strain the juice into a large bowl and leave overnight. Don’t be tempted to squeeze the bag as this may make the juice cloudy.

Next day measure the quantity of juice and add an equal amount by weight of preserving or jam sugar i.e. 1 kg of sugar per 1 litre of juice. Add the juice of 1 lemon.

Heat to boiling point stirring constantly to dissolve the sugar, then boil hard for twenty minutes. Setting point is achieved when a puddle of jelly poured onto a cold plate can after a 30 second wait be parted with the tip of your finger and not flow back. The surface of the jelly puddle will also wrinkle. This exercise may need to be repeated a few times before setting point is reached.

Skim the surface of the pan to remove the inevitable scum and pour immediately into sterilized jars.

In a cool place the jars of jelly will last over a year.

Serve with meat or simply spread on a piece of toast.

Courtesy of SGB

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Hi, SGB. Just made the jelly, and despite not knowing if the crabapples were ripe enough, and then if they were cooked, and was worried my stirring them had made the liquid cloudy, the jelly is clear, deep pink and gorgeous, and set very quickly. Brilliant recipe.♥;
By secondhelpings on

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