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Confiture de Poires

Confiture de Poires  


4lbs. pears, whole weight


2lbs. Sugar


Rind and juice of one lemon.


Peel and core the pears and cut them into quarters. Put them in a bowl, mix with the sugar and leave them for 24 hours, by which time they will be swimming in syrupy liquid.


Boil fairly quickly in a heavy based pan, stirring gently and often, for up to an hour until the pears are cooked and will set, and the liquid is caramelising onto the fruit. Add the grated lemon rind half an hour, and the juice five minutes, before the pears finish cooking. Pour into warm jars while still hot. Cool, cover and store for up to a year in a dark cupboard.


Delicious for a first course with grilled and melting goat’s cheese, or with Italian hams and salad. Or serve as part of a cheese board with ripe figs and cobnuts or walnuts. 


NB. If the pears are very ripe they may take longer to set.

And if the mixture boils too rapidly it will caramelise and may set like concrete; do keep a close eye on it.

Recipe is from Unusual Preserves. National Federation of Women's Institutes. 1969

Courtesy of Diana

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