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Fantastic Food

From home baking to healthy eating, feed your family well with these tasty recipes

perfect pavlova

Marvellous Meringue

Use home produced eggs and foraged fruit to make this delicious dessert for next to nothing!

bunting cookies

Chloe's Cute Bunting Cookies

Perk up a party and make celebrations even more cheery with these pretty bunting cookies which taste as lovely as they look.

apple & pear traybake

Apple, Bramble and Pear Traybake

Autumn fruits are brought together in a delightfully easy to make tray bake; ideal for school lunchboxes

salmon roulade

Courgette and smoked salmon roulade

This recipe is wonderful for using up the glut of courgettes coming now, it’s nutritious, pink and pretty, lovely for a summer lunch.

rhubarb mousse

The Romance of Rhubarb

Pick a stalk of rhubarb, add a touch of spice and turn it into a vibrant and delicious dessert

baked bramleys

Baked bramleys

Pick an apple, sprinkle with sugar and spice, bake it, eat it. We love this simple but scrumptious recipe

Confiture de Poires

Confiture de Poires

Delicious for a first course with grilled and melting goat’s cheese, or with Italian hams and salad

raspberry muffins

Raspberry Cheesecake Muffins

Delicious little buns (muffins). Great for school lunch boxes, afternoon tea or for cake stalls

breakfast cookies

Breakfast Cookies

Make the children wholesome chewy cookies for an extraordinary breakfast this half term

strawberry ice-cream

Strawberry Deuce Ice-Cream

Serve up a summer treat with this strawberry deuce ice-cream. Serve with fresh strawberries and Scottish shortbread

tangy meatballs

Tangy Meatballs with Noodles

Short on time? this marvellous meal is ready in minutes but has oodles of flavour. Sure to be a firm favourite with the family.

blackberry vodka

Blackberry Vodka

If you make this delicious winter warmer in September or October it will be ready just in time for Christmas

autumn lamb

Autumn Lamb with Blackberries

This leg of lamb with blackberries and honey adds a seasonal twist to a classic sunday roast. It tastes and looks sensational

crab apple jelly

Crab Apple Jelly

Make this excellent sharp jelly that goes well with meat or spread as a jam on a piece of toast

roast rabbit

Wild Wabbit

Here is a recipe that is incredibly easy to prepare, delicious and will feed four people on one rabbit.

lamb crumble

Lamb and Vegetable Crumble

Who said crumbles had to be sweet! This savoury cheese crumble is the perfect topping for mince lamb