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things to do

Rainy days, sunny days, happy days, lazy days. Find great things for your children to make and do whatever sort of day it is.


Make a Spooky pumpkin

Make a Spooky pumpkin

Create the best ever Halloween party! Carve a spooky pumpkin face and make frighteningly good party food


Watch the Birdie

One mum's story of how passing on her passion for birdwatching has given her kids an incentive to go on long walks and hopefully a life-long love of nature.

a berry nice drink

Yummy Berryade

Need to give the kids a great reason to go on a walk? Gather berries and use them to make super fizzle berryade!

indoor play

Come Inside

When it’s raining or boiling hot outside it can be lovely to come inside and play so we’ve gathered together some fun activities to make the most of indoor play days

butterfly feeder

Make a Butterfly Garden and Feeder

Get children involved in a nature project this summer; create a butterfly garden, make a butterfly feeder and become a butterfly expert with this outdoor project