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a family walk in Hartington

a family walk in Hartington


Where is it?

In the Derbyshire Peak District near to the Staffordshire border. It lies next to the river Dove.


Who is it for?

This walk is suitable for anyone from the age of about 4+. Not recommended for pushchairs or those with walking difficulties.


Why it is recommended?

I took my two children age four and seven to stay in Hartington Youth Hostel and then we walked the following day.

The Youth Hostel has plenty of advice on walks but we followed the footpath from the village along Beresford Dale, past Pike Pool and then cut back to Reynards Lane. For those that can walk further there are plenty more options for example continuing down to Wolfscote Dale and Biggin Dale. It’s a very beautiful environment and there’s plenty for the children to look at and mess about on.

My youngest did spend a lot of the time shouting out “when are we going to go back to the youth ‘hospital’”? but I think the joy of bunk beds had captured her imagination!

Extra Information

The village of Hartington is delightful with a traditional cheese shop, café, pubs etc… so stopping for a hot chocolate and cake or an ice-cream is an essential treat for big and small walkers alike!

I stayed in Hartington Youth Hostel, for which prices vary

I would recommend using the Outdoor Leisure 24 map (White Peak Area)

This walk was recommended by Emma, an outdoor enthusiast and Duke of Edinburgh leader. 

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We've done a few long distance walks, but broken down into one or two days walking at a time. My favourite was the Greenwich Meridian Trail that walked the meridian line from Peacehaven to Yorkshire and the best bits were the Sussex Downs and Lincolnshire Wolds.;
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