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Garden jobs to do in October


'The season of mellow mists and fruitfulness’, so begins the beautiful Keats poem, ‘To Autumn’. Evoking a time of hard work repaid, the days heavy with morning dew, Autumn settles upon us and gathers us into its arms.


The local allotmenteers have been hard at work harvesting their late crops, and their tops tip to us all are.....

Clear the land of as many weeds as possible and mulch with manure. They have organised a delivery of local cow manure and are sharing it amongst their plots.  Or soak newspaper, lay over the soil, and cover it with the last of the lawn clippings of the year. This will stop any autumn weed seed from germinating and by early spring will be well rotted down and can be easily dug into the weed free soil.

Sow green manure on any bare plot of land. In the spring, simply chop it down, wait for two days for it to wilt, then dig it into the soil.



Greenhouses must be cleared and sterilized, the glass cleaned and any beds of soil should be carefully emptied and replaced with new soil.


Turn compost heaps and cover if they become too waterlogged!


Save any bean seeds from beans which are too large to eat; has-beans, we call them! And you’ll be able to use the seed next year.


Cover parsley with cloches to protect it from the frost. Pick and ripen squash and pumpkins. Leave them outside to ripen in the sun, and cover if there is a danger of frost.


And my best tip is to say blackberry picking and bonfires with a glass of wine are two of the greatest pleasures of October. Gather blackberries, elderberries, and rose hips to make your own hedgerow jelly, or try the ruralmums delicious crab apple jelly recipe.

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