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Jobs for September

Jobs for September  

This month sees a step change in the garden – plant production is slowing and overnight temperatures are dropping. The days are still mild though and September is possibly my favourite month for pottering in the garden.


Out with the old.....

It’s time to start clearing away. Begin by getting rid of hardy annuals which have run to seed and move onto cutting back perennials which are past their best. Pile them on the compost heap (or on the bonfire heap if they are diseased).

Remember to harvest seeds from perennials such as aquilegia, cornflower and delphinium before clearing them out.


Empty out clay pots filled with hardy annuals which have more or less finished and give them a thorough cleaning. I make a weak bleach and water solution to soak the pots in for several hours. For bigger pots I wear my marigolds and scrub them inside and out then blast them with the hose to ensure any nasty organisms are destroyed.


In with the new.....

With the soil still warm this is the best time to plant daffodil bulbs to get them off to a good start for early flowering next spring. Buy tulip bulbs now but wait until October/November to pop them into the ground.

Plant echinacea and penstemon seeds in pots and cover with polybags. Keep over winter or move to a cold frame before planting out next spring.

Buy winter pansies to create colourful displays in baskets and containers through the coming months.


Plant lilies now but avoid those that show signs of drying out. Choose your planting spot carefully (they like moist soil in dappled shade) and they will provide a rich haven for hoverflies and bees when they bloom next summer.


Continue to.....

Deadhead as often as you can. Roses and Dahlia’s can be kept on for at least another month with regular deadheading.



Take flower cuttings from the garden. Echinacea, sometimes called coneflower, provides a beautiful and long lasting table display with it's distinctive shape and colourful petals.



Weed on sunny days.

Enjoy the sunshine this September

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What a great help this is and amazing photographs. That's me out in the garden with my "to do" list over the weekend.;
By cwine on

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