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In June.....

In June.....

Start growing your kitchen garden


  • Sow salad seeds, lettuce and peas seeds into gutters filled with compost. As soon as they are established and the seedlings have two pairs of leaves, hoe a shallow trench and carefully slide the seedlings into their final postition; a job for two people as I have learnt to my cost! Gently firm their roots into the soil, water, then refill the gutters with compost, and start again.
  • Erect runner bean poles and brace them securely. I like to build them in arches with lengths of water pipe so I can walk through the arch picking the beans as they hang down.
  • Ensure potatoes have been ‘earthed up’ well to avoid harvesting green potatoes which have grown too near the soil surface.
  • Not a vegetable, but keep sowing pots of cosmos for buckets of cut flowers all summer. My top flower for the cutting garden.  
  • Look out for little ‘leeklets’ in the markets. Planted out now, they will be ready before Christmas and will last in the ground all winter.


Are you a kitchen gardener?

What are you growing this season?

What jobs are you doing in your garden this month? Please let us know


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