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Raindrops Keep falling on my Head

Raindrops Keep falling on my Head

There is still time to sow turnip seeds, spinach, radishes and all other salad leaves. And try to plant now all those seeds you ordered enthusiastically in January but haven’t got around to sowing.

Young plants are still available in all the markets so if you see, winter kale, leeks and broccoli, grab a few trays and plant them as soon as possible. Sweetcorn are getting sturdier now, plant the seedlings in a block, about 24’’ apart and interplant them with lettuce; I love ‘Freckles’.

Weed weed weed. Keep on top of the weeds. Easy to say, but a little and often is always the best. I wear my marigolds for digging up potatoes and spend five minutes pulling up weeds where I can. Hoe in the dry weather; pull them up in the that’s pulling today again then....

Deadheading in the flower borders is immensely satisfying, like a good haircut. The plants will look healthier, and will produce more and more flowers

What jobs are you doing in the garden this month?

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