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This month in the kitchen garden

This month in the kitchen garden  

August is the time for harvest in the kitchen garden, for enjoying the fruits of earlier labours, and maybe, just maybe, sitting in a deckchair is allowed now without feeling too guilty!

Despite the rain the potatoes here have done well, but if you see signs of blight; early dying off of the leaves, quickly cut them away at their base and destroy the leaves and haulms (stems). Don’t put them on the compost heap as they will infect the compost and next year’s crop. The potatoes below blighted leaves maybe small but they are edible.

Runnerbeans, frenchbeans, and the end of the broad beads, we are full of beans here! I try to pick double the amount we need for each meal, and blanche and freeze as I go; lovely for the winter.

Keep on top of those courgettes, but if they escape you, marrow is delicious diced and gently cooked in milk, or baked, stuffed with tomatoes and mozzarella.



The puddled-in leeks should be taking off, but you can still plant baby leeks if you see them. Keep sowing lettuce seeds, rocket, spinach and perpetual spinach, all of which can be sown now and harvested throughout the winter.

And soft fruit is wonderful now, raspberry jam is the easiest thing in the world to make, see the rural mums recipes for delicious ideas, and meanwhile you’ll find me in my deckchair.......if there's room!


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Beautiful photography and gorgeous hens - I am inspired, wish my veg patch looked like this!;
By countrygirl on
We've been out collecting the bumper harvest of blackberries and enjoying apple and blackberry crumble far too often....;
By wellyweather on

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