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Bring me Sunshine


In the meantime try to seize the moment and weed when the weather allows. Pull up weeds in the wet and hoe them out when it’s dry and sunny.

Roses are the bedrock of a cottage garden so give them the attention they deserve. After the first flush of roses is over cut back each stem to a strong, outward facing bud and apply a rose fertilizer.


Lift bearded irises which are more than three years old. Separate the strongest rhizomes from the rest of the root ball and replant on a fresh site.

Prune spring flowering shrubs such as forsythia, weigela  or mock-orange once all their flowers have faded. Cut down their woody stems almost to the new green growth at the base.

Harvest seeds from foxgloves and sow the seeds straight away. Collect seeds from Aqualegia, Delphiniums  and Lillies too.


The time is ripe now for making pot pourri. Snip lavender stems just before the flowers open. Tie in a bunch with string and hang in a warm room to dry.

Support campanula with bamboo stakes and deadhead spent flowers for continuous and vigorous blooms throughout the summer.  Cut a few whilst in flower and pop in a vase or jug. Although not fragrant they make a very pretty table display.


Happy gardening!


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