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Jobs for June

Jobs for June

With so much for us mums to do it is hard to make the garden a top priority. So we've drawn up a handy list of jobs you can do in just ten minutes a day to keep the garden in tip top shape during one of the busiest months of the year.


1. Hoe on dry, warm days and lay weeds out so the sun can kill them as soon as they are uprooted.




2. Dead head roses for continuous flowering. One of my favourite gardening jobs and particularly satisfying after a challenging day looking after the children.




3. Cut sweet peas whilst in full bloom. They look stunning in a glass on a cool shady windowsill. If allowed to set seed before cutting the plants will not flower again this season.




4. Lift daffodil bulbs, dry in a shady spot and store in a cool place for replanting later in the season.




5. Sow seeds of Sweet Williams and Wallflowers in shallow trenches (use washed out yoghurt pots or cardboard egg trays) to get them ready for transplanting next month.  




7. Plant strawberries in containers using rich soil mixed with well rotted manure. Place in full sun. Net the plants and use slug controls to maximise your harvest. Place in hanging baskets to avoid slug invasion.


How much time do you spend maintaining your garden?

Is it a pleasure or a pain?

Have you got any time saving gardening tips? Please let us know

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Unfortunately I do not spend enough time in the garden. Every year I say I will really keep on top of it but then the summer comes and goes and I haven't really done much in the garden. I tend to spend a whole afternoon (or morning) doing gardening then I don't do any for weeks on end. I must follow your monthly guide here on Rural Mums. I used to take a photo of my garden every summer and plan what to change for the next year (if anything), but now I am very naughty and neglect my garden. Maybe I will be better this year!!!!!;
By Lucky Duck on

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