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Priddy Essentials is an artisanal shop in Uppingham, Rutland which stocks Deliverance County Homewares and Priddy Essentials fragrances and beauty products.

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At Home in Hastings

Where we love is home – home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
Oliver Wendell Holme

Out and about again this weekend and because we didn’t quite make it when we went to the south coast in June we traveled down again, but this time to Hastings.

The recently opened Jerwood Gallery  lives on the sea front next to the picturesque old fishing sheds.  Nearby the  Old Town  stretches up the hill, and is home to an amazing and eclectic range of  Priddy fantastic true vintage and vintage inspired stores, We felt right at home !!

Hastings Old Town is a lovely Quirky surprise and feels just a bit more grown up than its cousin Brighton. Be 18 in Brighton and 28 in Hastings kind of thing!!!!


Vintage/antique/ junk shops  pack the old Town back streets, brimfull with  inspirational materials and  then here and there  we came across some really fantastic twin soul artisans making lovely ‘forward thinking-time rewind ‘ inspired products.

so here are a few finds to wet your appetite……

Check out Butlers Emporium 70 George street,

fantastic shop ,  massive premises  we were very jealous !!!!

Check out the truly wondrous Hendy Home store  on the old high street – more theatre than shop with weekend backroom restaurant ,a joy to behold! Here


And not to be missed ….

Pop in and visit the lovely Leida who’s beautiful clothing company lives at 68b George street ..Warp-Weft styling, a selection of hand picked vintage pieces
mixed with Leida’s own hand tailored items and a eclectic selection of other bits and bobs

Leida’s Priddy impressive collection and her gorgeous charm

meant we didnt leave empty handed!!

She has clothing for men and women and collection of hand made shoes,
All very lovely!!
There are lots of other treasures  in the town to search out for yourself.

All in all we had a Priddy great day!!!!!!!!

2 Comments so far

Beautiful photographs. Never been anywhere near Hastings but feel the urge to visit after seeing these amazing places.;
By happy cow on
Yes I agree with Happy Cow, it looks like a lovely shop with everything imaginable in it. I will definately give it a visit when next in Hastings.;
By Lucky Duck on

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