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Lady Muck Digs

Lady Muck Digs


The authoress began office life at Vogue in London and ended it at the Observer newspaper. She went to St Martins School of Art in the middle of that. Now proprietress of Ancient Industries UK and writer at Garlic and Sapphire 


Say it with Flaars

How do you say "flowers"?
I say it phonetically, being a part-time American, and everyone knows that Americans pronounce words in a more logical way than the British. I don't forget my "r's". I've noticed, though, that a lot of people here, irrespective of background or accent, say "flaars". With that one word they become like the lady of the manor in Mrs Miniver who hands out prizes at her wartime flaar show.

It is as if when a person and a flower connect, that person becomes somebody else.

"Flowers do take people out of themselves," says my friend Georgie Newbery, also known as the Flower Farmer. "They are completely transforming." 

Flowers have always been linked with the rites of passage in a person's life: "Everyone has a relationship with flowers whether they know it or not," she says. Georgie cuts flowers and sends them around the country or does weddings and parties with home-grown flowers. They can be informal or elegant, but they are always "flaars".



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I love to see daisies in my lawn and am very reluctant to mow it full of daisies. However my pet hate of weeds is dandelions because I know they will eventually go to clocks and the wind will blow all those seeds to germinate elsewhere leaving other lawns full of dandelion weeds. There are quite a few wild flowers I like but definately NOT dandelions!!!!;
By Lucky Duck on
Love your pics and descriptions, reminded me that I fancied doing a WFGA scheme but couldn't work out school holidays. It sounds a great thing to do though. Andrea;
By shabbychick on

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