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Flower Fairies & Fairy Cakes

Flower Fairies & Fairy Cakes

Elsie's award winning blog Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes traces her experiences as a mum raising two young children in the glorious British countryside'

A warm, funny, gentle meander through the joys and challenges of motherhood Elsie's blog was named Mothercare's favourite blogger in 2011 and is currently in CISION's Top 20 UK Mummy Blogs.

Here is an extract from Flower fairies and Fairy Cakes. To read more posts from this blog please click here

My Children Substituted for Trees

Last weekend Tom took Betty and Dolly to see the in-laws.

This meant that for the first time ever, I was on my own, at home, all weekend long.

I was positively thrilled at the prospect of having a bit of peace and quiet and not having to wipe floors, pick things up, cook,  and wash-up (I only used one plate all weekend).

But it turns out, that after watching a few too many repeats of Will and Grace, and drinking copious amounts of tea, by 10am I really missed my family, and was thoroughly bored.

To alleviate the boredom, I decided to go on a virtuous bike ride, on Tom's electric bike, to buy a bottle of wine (for later) from the shop three miles away.

I have never dared go on this electric bike before - it has always scared the hell out of me.  But it was incredible, and I was particularly pleased that I was able to escape at lightning speed from a dog who normally bites my ankles as I ride past on my ordinary bike.  This made me feel extremely smug.

And without my children around to photograph I had to stop many times on the bike to take photos of trees instead.

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